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FEBRUARY: Community Wrap

Feb Community Wrap (1).jpg

Big shout out to the members who pressed support on the January wrap for a reminder this month! - 
@eth @Shaz51 @Razzle @Darcy @Teej @Everan @Sam3 @The-red-centaur @Adge @CheerBear @Sherry @Mazarita @Sophie1 @oceangirl @Hope4me @Determined @Zoe7 


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handclapping.png Celebrating members

From Lived Experience this month we are celebrating @Sahara for their fabulous post here! You really made an effort to share helpful tips and strategies across this thread, as well as encouraging members to engage in self-care where necessary on and off the forums Heart

In Carers this month props to @outlander  for this lovely post to one of her forum friends. A gentle and compassionate touch in as well as an array of colourful love heart emojis might be just what the Doctor ordered Smiley Happy 
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We thought this month we might spotlight some of the social threads that make up this forum space. Although we are all here to support each other through some tough times, it can be equally supportive and therapeutic to take a load off, get a bit distracted or connect socially via some of these threads! Here's some of our faves - 

The infamous Friday Feast!

The hilarious Laughter thread Smiley Very Happy


quote.pngQuote's of the month

"If at the moment you find it difficult ring the support lines on the forum. I chatted to them on the internet and found them helpful in giving direction. I found thinking about the work situation motivated me to try to manage schizophrenia and the first step was to find help in a safe environment." @Everan Here (Lived experience forum) 


"Realising that we cannot love our partners back to mental health is at first hard to swallow but can then become liberating as we focus on what we can do - providing a loving and supportive environment which leads to better outcomes. Encouraging them to get the level of professional support they need along with healthy lifestyle choices (management is far more than meds).@Darcy  Here  (Carers forum)


If you are enjoying reading our monthly wraps - hit the support button and we will notify you when the next one is up!

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