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Looking after ourselves


Community Service course

Hi all. 


I noticed these days I have very little patience for people. My GP said, in order to work in Community Service industry, one needs to have high stress threshold. 


Due to my mental health issues, I just dont have that patience anymore. I get agitated with people easily. I have trouble being assertive. I tend to over react to situations.


Goal was to become peer support worker. Now I have to start over and pursue something else. I have worked in Banking industry and did accounting cert 4 at TAFE before. Perhaps try that again? what does everyone think? 


I want to pursue a new career. I had alot of time to think about my future while working in process work. My mental health issues are progressively getting worse. So although I am devastated right now, I dont have luxury to give up! I will keep fighting. 


I am currently enrolled in Community Service course at TAFE. I am thinking I should cut my losses and do something else. 


What does every one think?


Any ideas? 






Re: Community Service course

If becoming a peer supporter is what you want to do then it still might be a good idea as you arent dealing with the same people constantly.
For me when i have done volunteer peer work so no cert required i spoke to them as a friend would rather than being uptight about it. I guess it depends on what sort of environment your in.

But if you are finding yourself getting aggitated all the time at people even over little things it might be a good idea to have a think about another career.

Another option could be to work on your mental health first and then enrol in a course.
It not giving up, it is reassessing what is most important right now.

Re: Community Service course

Thanks @outlander


I guess I will do that. 

Re: Community Service course

I think it’s good to do something you’re passionate about @Mavrixx9. I’m nearly finished my diploma in community service work and trust me, I don’t cope well with stress. However mental health is something I really wanted to work in so I’m going to try my hardest. Most organisations recognise the need for self care these days, as yes it can be stressful.


Re: Community Service course

Well done ! Good on you.

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