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Looking after ourselves

Re: My fitness journey

Hey there @BryanaCamp  the water running was great. I made sure the water was cool by using the outdoor pool at my local swim centre. It was far too hot 🥵 for the indoor heated pool. A great all over workout too!

@greenpea  Those shakes sound mighty good. I might see what low calorie stuff they have at my chemist. Do they keep you full for long?

Re: My fitness journey

@Queenie  Hi Queenie yes the shakes I bought do. I am looking forward to trying the different flavours but even my daughter who walked by said the powder smelt good.

Re: My fitness journey

Hi @Queenie - fantastic, well done on the water running, I'm well impressed! that's so great you enjoyed it too, thay always say the best kind of exercise is the kind you like. Did you notice you slept better?


I'm off for a walk now as I haven't had time to exercise for a few days.


Keep up the good wrok @greenpea and @Queenie 

Re: My fitness journey

@BryanaCamp @Queenie  BryanaCamp you are a brave soul venturing out in this weather BryanaCamp it is 38 degrees where I am!!Smiley Surprised Hope you enjoy your walk Smiley Happy. I went out for a walk at 7pm last night with son and friend and it was lovely. Just the right temperature. At least the weather will be cooler as of tomorrow for a few days.


Queenie did you try some shakes? I am nearly onto the vanilla.


Have fun exercising ladies! xxx



Re: My fitness journey

Hey @greenpea  and @BryanaCamp , I went to the gym today and ran up and down with 35kg sled 🛷. I also did a lot of leg work.... causing jelly legs 😂 

I was forced to stop my workout however as my eyes kept rolling back and I overheated. The trainer was really good with me though and after cooling down, I wanted to jump back in and keep going. 

I haven’t started the shakes yet but am keeping an eye out as my local chemist doesn’t stock them.


Re: My fitness journey

@Queenie  Good on you Queenie!Smiley Happy sounds exhausting but good fun too Smiley Very Happy

Re: My fitness journey

@Queenie @BryanaCamp  Good morning. Am off to two walks today one with son2 and the other with mental health nurse. Yesterday I did chair yoga which was great (haven't done it for awhile and it shoed Smiley Surprised). Hope you both have a great day. Love greenpea xx

Re: My fitness journey

@Queenie @BryanaCamp  Hey tried a t shirt on and it was looser!!!! Am thrilled. Long way to go but when I see my clothes fit better it makes all the hard work worth it. Smiley Happy. Hope you are both well. greenpea

Re: My fitness journey

Hey @greenpea , it’s a good feeling when clothes are fitting better due to exercise and healthy living. I’ve been walking and swimming 🏊‍♀️ as I’m on holidays at the beach. Due to the windy conditions and dangerous surf 🌊 I’ve been swimming in the resort pool. Walking on the beach and taking steps instead of the lift. I went out for valentines dinner and had a lean goat curry without coconut cream. Still want to try those shakes.

Re: My fitness journey

@Queenie  Holiday at the beach sounds lovely Smiley Happy plus a romantic dinner sounds scrummy and healthy.  I bought more shakes today (they taste so nice it is my one joy plus my early morning coffee).  Will keep you posted with how I go but am determined to lose this baggage around my middle.

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