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Re: Dark Skies

Personality plays a very big role in autistic people, @Zoe7 , very important. Keeping distractions away from them helps a lot. They get focused on one thing and do well at it usually. Can't handle other things at the same time. Is good that you get on together.


Video was great @Hamsolo01  will try to save it to my hard drive.


I also write little philosophical pieces as well as books and poetry.


People do seem stuck in their egocentric universes.



one of mine from me to the world @Hamsolo01 



Elsewhere is my existence

With windows into time

Time is your existence

With windows into mine.


Re: Dark Skies

Yeah we get on well and that is half the battle @Wanderer  That relationship is the most important thing with most kids and I am really looking forward to working with him more.

Re: Dark Skies

Very nice there @Wanderer

Re: Dark Skies

Wonder how many people are visual-spatial on the forum @Hamsolo01 @Zoe7 



Re: Dark Skies

Just got back from my psycologist@Zoe7 @Hamsolo01 


Am a nervous wreck at the moment.

He wants to go over everything again and I am not sure I can do that.

I feel sick and shaky.


Anxiety is hitting pretty hard right now.

I think I will watch a movie and fall apart later.

Re: Dark Skies

We can be nervous wrecks together @Wanderer  

Thinking of you

Image result for solidarity mental illness

Re: Dark Skies

@Wanderer  I am definitely a visual-spatial person. I often recall things as images which is not great with trauma Smiley Sad


It sounds like you appointment today was really tough buddy. It is so hard going over things again and I feel your anxiety around doing that. I hope your psychologist listens to your fears. Anxiety is natural around dealing with the tough stuff so hoping you are watching a movie this afternoon and feeling a little calmer.

Re: Dark Skies

Definitely @frog 


You made me laugh. Smiley LOL

Thank you


Second the recall thing @Zoe7 


Kinda not trusting the psychologist at the moment. He asked too many questions focused on his concerns and not ours. Laurell House is much better suited. Think I will just stick with them.


Am also going to see a neuropsychologist to determine why my memory is so damaged.


The movie didn't really help, got so tied up in it trying to calm down that I was late for school pickup. That didn't help the anxiety either.


Bit better now but still very apprehensive.


How was your day?

Re: Dark Skies

If it doesn't feel right the go over things with the psychologist again then you have the right to not go there @Wanderer  You know what you can and cannot handle and going on your reaction today it may not be such a great idea right now.


I had a harder session with my pdoc today and have been on the couch since. It is nothing I can't handle - just a little more difficult than usual. There are things that I could have done but will now leave them until the weekend. 

Re: Dark Skies

How are you today @frog ?

Hello @Zoe7 @Hamsolo01 


Today was sort of interesting for me.

Still recovering from my last psychologist session. Cancelled future apps with him.

Went out to dinner with parents and my niece and her husband. Was a good day. Daughter went to swimming with her school and I picked her up later. 

Got a parking ticket and that was when I realised just how close to the surface my anxiety was. I was not impressed with the ticket but it annoyed me more than it should have, played on me for quiet a while. Once I realised it was my anxiety playing up I managed to let it go and forget about it. It was a good lesson in how anxiety amplifies things.


Better, specialist Psyc, appointment tomorrow.


Wishing you all, the best.

Hope you are feeling better @Zoe7 

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