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New blog by schizophrenic lady to give hope to others

Hi there


I've been reading some of your posts about caring for people with schizophrenia and how hard it is.  I care for my brother too (to some extent) and he has schizophrenia.  I was also diagnosed with it in 2003.  I manage to work 5 days per week and am about to launch a blog too so that I can share with others who have my illness how I have managed to make great things happen for me.  I hope it will help some of your loved ones to have hope of moving onto something fulfilling and give hope to you that your loved ones can be better than they are today, step by step, piece by piece.  Hopefully if you have your loved ones read it they can slowly put one foot in front of the other and who knows....something may change.


I will let you know when the blog is up and running.  It should be tomorrow sometime if all goes well.

God bless,


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