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New Contributor

What next and now what happens??

Hello forum.
I am after advice/help for my lil bro. Let me tell you a story.. all very true.
As of right now, my brother has an undiagnosed mental health issues.  He lives in a granny flat on the property while my mum and nan live in the house. My mum is my nans carer. He lives there because he has nowhere else to go, and wouldn't stay if he did. My lil bro has a history of illegal drugs (ice, pot, alcohol and pills) and has been in trouble with police, even doing a few weeks in jail. He tells me he is currently clean. He has isolated himself from friends and nearly all family with his behaviour. This has been going on for the last 3 years, since he split with his last girlfriend. His behaviour includes but not limited to: paranoia, thinks people are watching him amongst a whole lot of other things. Yells and argues out loud to his friends, there is no one there and last night the neighbours called police, who didn't come, he rampages through mums house looking for the men she is sleeping with,  says mum has stolen thousands from him,  he has attacked my dad after my lil bro crashed his car into a tree, because the voices told him too. This list is endless. But he doesn't think he has an issue. He thinks it is everyone else. 15 months ago approx he ended up in a mental health ward for 24 hours and then released.  He can act normal in front of others and you wouldn't know there is something wrong. He pulls the wool over people's eyes, although it is getting harder for him to do that. So what has been tried....
A visit to Hospital. Diagnosis of possible short term drug phycosis Out in 24 hours and has made mum pay for it everyday since. 
To get his car license back he was drug tested and over the phone conference call with a physcologist, which he passed. The GP was made aware of his behaviour, and tried to get my lil bro to come back for another appointment, but he never went back, because he was fine.
After the car accident, when mum and dad finally got him to go to hospital,  while he was being checked, dad was asked if drugs were involved, when dad said possible, they wrapped his arm up and he was sent home.. no question asked.
Mum and dad both contacted the mental health services to no avail.
Drug and Alcohol Services have been tried to no avail.
Apparently my brother has to self admit to hospital, which he obviously won't or he basically has to physically harm himself or others to get help. Today my mum again rang them, to be told that's the way it is, sorry we can't help. Call the police and get a restraining order and get them to take him away.. why would my mum do that, she wants help for him, and the cops do not come anyway!!! 
I am in SA and they are in Tas. Please help us. My lil bro is a danger to himself and others but he would not agree. The police will take him, if they come, charge him, and release him. They don't know or won't recognise even after mum telling them, that he has mental health issues. How do we get him help, preferably without police, as he has threatened to harm himself if the try to take him, my mum is depressed, distressed and exhausted, my nan is so scared she can't sleep at night and my lil bro must be so bewildered and in pain. But there is NO help!!
I am hoping someone ' in the know of how to get help' will reply.
There is so much more to this story... Advice/Help anyone?

Re: What next and now what happens??

Hey there @MyLilBro


I am so sorry to hear that you and your family are going throgh such a difficult time at the moment. I can hear you are feeling very overwhelmed and you have tried so many things to help your little brother. 

I can also hear your frustrtation with services telling you that he must be of harm to himself or others to be assessed in hospital. Unfortunately this is correct, in Australia we are not able to force someone to seek help without their consent. A person needs to be unwilling to seek help and be a danger to themselves or others. 


Going to the GP is the best outcome for your brother, as a GP can set up a Menatl Helath Care plan with him which allows him to 10-medicare rebate sessions with a psychologist. It seems as though you have already tried this and your brother did not return to the GP unfortunately. I think you should have a look at the your-support section of our website here. It gives some useful tips on contacting crisis and assessment teams, and having a conversation with your loved one about getting support. 


You mentioned police, however i am unsure if you have sought the assistance of the Crisis Assessment and Treatment team (CATT). They are a psychiatric team who are made up of psychologists, psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists, if someone is unwell and unable or unwilling to access treatment in the community it may be appropriate to refer them to this team. For the referral to a CAT team to be appropriate, the person must be at risk of harm to themselves or others or be experiencing a deterioation in ther mental health that could put them at risk. The number for Tasmania is 1800 332 338. I would advise that you give this number to your mother and father, and if they are feeling as though your brother will harm himself or someone else to give them a call, especially if they would rather not call the police.


I understand that this whole process is really frustrating and can seem hopless at times, i encourage you to try your best to look after yourself and encourage your mum to do the same. Usually looking after ourselves can be the last thing on our mind when we have a family member struggling with mental illness, especially when they are living with us, however it is important as you can burnout yourself. Have you thought of seeking support yourself by seeing a psychologist ? This would be something you could encourage your parents to do as well, just to add an extra bit of support to this sitatuion. 


Take care of yourself and please feel free to continue sharing your story on the forums. 

All the best, 


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