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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Good evening Hot Chocolatiers giphy(0).gif


Come home to a cool spell.

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

A cool spell sounds excellent @Darcy

It's way too warm here, for my liking...



Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Yes @Adge  we have had some welcome rain.  Hope you get a cool break soon.

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Morning everyone .... 👋💕☕️


Thinking of you especially @Determined .... and it’s okay not to respond.  Tough day for you and I just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you.

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Badly in need of a bit of a lift this morning after a sleepless night. Is anyone around to share a big pot of leaf tea with me? And maybe a yummy cake or slice too. I need a bit of energy before I help hubby tackle his Scans a bit later. He gets really anxious with any scans, mri's etc. He's very claustrophobic and I guess he is also worried about what the scans may reveal. Not easy for either of us.


@Faith-and-Hope @Darcy @Adge @Smc @Shaz51 @outlander 


Sherry ☕🍪🍰

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Popping by with some super chocolatey hot chocolates for all - what are a few to do's that people will get done today? Include any self care things too! 



Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi @Sherry - posted that up before I read your post. Hope the super hot chocolatey goodness helps a bit today for you 🌟

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Thanks @Lauz  - that is a particularly luscious looking hot choc.  Beautiful thank you.

You asked about what self care I'm doing today.  Taking care of hubby this morning mostly.

But he's having his usual post breakfast sleep now.  So I took the opportunity of touching base with my psych via email because she asked me to keep in touch this week.

Besides that ... not much self care happening until after hubbys scans.

But once home from that ... he will likely go back to bed to sleep, so I will probably try to do the same.  So badly in need of some shuteye.


Sherry Heart




Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

hi @Sherry im around for a little while. ive got some of the things done i needed to do now just mostly waiting around for the window repairer.

hoping the scans go ok for hubby today

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

hi @Lauz nice to see you too

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