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Something’s not right

Re: Am Not Coping

Hey @Zoe7 ,


Haha how could you tell? Smiley LOL It did bring a smile to my face and is genuinely so lovely to hear.


Despite having things to organise which will fall into place in time, I'm so glad that the decision to move schools has been a positive one for you and that you are working with students that you enjoy. So great that the new team is supportive and easy to get along and sounds like somewhere you will be valued and appreciated which makes the world of difference! 

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Re: Am Not Coping

Thank you @Rockpool  for everything you have done for me along this journey as well. The amazing support I have had from both you and others at SANE have been invaluable in helping me to even get to this point. I honestly would not be here doing all this right now without all your support and I will be forever grateful for that Heart

Re: Am Not Coping

It's been my pleasure @Zoe7 , that's what we are here for! So nice to be able to share in your achievements with you Smiley Very Happy

Re: Am Not Coping

@Rockpool 💜💙💚🧡💛

Re: Am Not Coping

How things change hey @Zoe7
I'm glad to hear you are making headway with the school. I am proud of you Smiley Happy

Re: Am Not Coping

Morning @Zoe7  and everyone .... 👋💕☕️

Re: Am Not Coping

hi @Zoe7 thanks for your encouragement with my job interviewing, it's kind of you & you're right I must have come a long way to be able to try to get work!

That's awesome that your new school is such a positive place for you, you deserve it. Once I left a toxic workplace and my farewell gift was ear-rings and I don't have peirced ears - like they hadn't even ever seen me! A very awkward moment for them. It was a great decision to leave. Have a good day today.

Hi @Faith-and-Hope hope you have a good day today Smiley Happy

Re: Am Not Coping

@Faith-and-Hope  @BryanaCamp  @Hamsolo01  @Sherry  @CheerBear  @Teej  @Sans911 @Snowie  @eth  and all following along...


DBT was good today - we had a lot of laughs and it made it a lot quicker to get through the 2 hours. My pdoc session was a bit more in-depth than usual - we talked about my self-doubts in respect to work and basically every aspect of my life - going righ back to my childhood. We touched on where that has all come from but I think I handled it quite well. It does make a difference that I can see little glimpses that I will be able to cope with my job and the support I am receiving from the new school is amazing. There is no-one writing copious amounts of notes and everyone is just presuming I am capable and competent and letting me get on with it. It is a nice feeling to have. 


So many of my self-doubts are deep seated - I have never had confidence in myself to do my job despite all evidence showing I could. Maybe that has been the environment I have been working in. When I was teaching Art I had much more confidence in myself and the Principal I had when I was doing that was very supportive - it makes such a difference to the culture of the school. I need to believe more in myself but we all know that is very hard to do when we struggle so much with self-esteem issues. That is where our history keeps rearing it's ugly head and adversely affects our own beliefs of ourselves.


Going to try to relax this afternoon and do a little tidying up when I can. Super tired at the moment - think the pdoc session took more out of me than usual - but do need to get a few things done before work tomorrow.


Hoping everyone is having an okay day - sending you all some light and just a little hope to those that need it Smiley Very Happy

Re: Am Not Coping

i can relate to this 100% @Zoe7

"So many of my self-doubts are deep seated - I have never had confidence in myself to do my job despite all evidence showing I could. "

This is my problem as well. You are continually showing this up though which is good. It's real evidence that you can do it!

Re: Am Not Coping

Thanks @Hamsolo01  I think you are continuously showing that you have the ability to get things done too buddy - the evidence is there with how hard you work on applications and you get rewarded with opportunities that many can only dream of - the Poland course is definitely one of those and whether you actually get to do any of it or not you were chosen to participate and that is pretty huge. 

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