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Something’s not right


Re: how do I forgive my father the abuser

@Corny  Hey Corny lolz I will remember my nick GP next time I am preached to by someone who doesnt know what they are talking about Smiley Very Happy.  Yes the threat of going back to hospital keeps me on the straight and narrow particularly one in a suburb near me Starts with .  .... (probably not allowed to say lol) I feel for you having to suffer through 4 months of that. I promised my son2 that i would never send him back (I dont care what happens) they are just terrible places imho terrible, terrible......


Thank you so much for the heads up re what our brains need to be able to function half ways decent again.  I havent heard this from anyone before. All I have heard from people is to do colouring in and other passive past times .... I am not good with passive past time I am a action packed pea Smiley Very Happy. Like you I really want to work and have been working since I was 16. So not to work now is really hard. I hear you though that we need as little stress as possible. Being in a busy office would do my head in but working from home is possible ..... anyways I have to get my degree first which will be an effort.


Love the idea of walking a dog or two.  I will talk with my ndis workers and see how we can go about it as  Would prefer someone known to the support worker they can help me ask around the office maybe.


Good talking with you Corny I really appreciate all your help particularly re our poor shattered minds. Love pea (GP)xx



Re: how do I forgive my father the abuser

Of course you are a GP, Peas, and I have a PhD in Psychology. We both did our dissertation on aggression in primary school, majoring in manipulation and mind games of parents towards their children. We're experts now, and we don't suffer fools, we can pick em a mile off. 


I am not surprised that your nearest hospital has that effect on you, mine has a terrible reputation for MH, they can't get a permanent psychiatrist and I have heard horror stories. I will not go near the place.....other than that they sent me home with a 7cm blood clot under my collar bone in the top of my chest and another smaller one closer to my lungs in 2015 telling me I was too young to have clots and to elevate my arm and it will just get better, so come 2016 when I was seeing pink elephants I asked my family to take me elsewhere and they did. Pretty sure that I am in area for both hospitals anyways......apparently the nearest private facility is no better. I have heard anecdotally through 3 separate people I know that have been admitted there, and I don't know why but for some reason my part of Sydney is really poorly serviced for MH. Apparently some big wigs won't move on and aren't pulling their weight in servicing their communities, they just want to sit on their position, take the big pay, and work mostly privately.


I don't think that you need something passive Peas, you need something physical or at home that you can do in the wee hours if you have to. Its such a pity that so many jobs are being lost to automation and digitisation that would be a better fit for peeps with disabilities. 


One step at a time GP. 


I hope you have recovered from last nights Sugar Snap Pea must have blisters this morning!




I think I started working at 15. And not being beholden to my father, that used money as an instrument of control and manipulation once we moved out of home was just wonderful. 

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