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Re: A long rave

@Zoe7  Well yesterday was my big day as my birth mother came to visit Smiley Happy. I am adopted and she is visiting from overseas so it was a big day as she met up with daughter and son2. Smiley Happy

Re: A long rave

That must have been super exciting for you @greenpea So lovely that she met up with your daughter and son2 as well - a special day for you all Smiley Very Happy

Re: A long rave

Hi @greenpea & @Zoe7 

Yes exhausting.

I didn't plan it that way.

It's often because appointments are only available on the one day.

Or in this case, largely because work never gives me enough forward notice of my shifts (where, when, what) - so the only day (time off) that I can be sure of (to schedule appointments) is currently Tuesday.

Psych appnt went well, thanks.

She is concerned that I might take on "too much at once" - in terms of goals or things to achieve. Then become overwhelmed, & fall in a heap (so to speak).

So she advised me to take things slowly, & try to break things down into "small steps", or just a little at a time...

Ultrasound scan on Thursday will be on my neck (very painful & disrupting sleep).

Dr doesn't want to give me further treatment for the shoulder (bursitis), although it's been getting worse again.

He just recommended a physiotherapist, which I was already doing (seeing) - so I booked physio again, for tomorrow morning.


Re: A long rave

Pea time sounds good @Zoe7 I like pea time too...


Re: A long rave

We do often try to take on too much as we expect we should be doing more than we are but that can then lead to us doing too much and 'crashing' as a result @Adge  You also know yourself very well and know what you can and cannot cope with but remember that not everything has to be done at once and you can take your time to achieve things you want to. It must feel even more difficult for you though with all the physical things you are dealing with so take it easy on yourself Heart

Re: A long rave

An excellent reminder @Zoe7 Not everything has to be done at once.

Even though it would be so nice, if it had been done yesterday...

Fear (or negative thinking) that "this is my only opportunity" - motivates my trying to do it all at once (not so good)...



Re: A long rave

Fear is such a common factor in what we can and cannot achieve @Adge  but you don't need to do everything at once - the tortoise always beats the hair buddy - so take it slowly and do what you can - the rest will wait for another day.

Re: A long rave

I so love the Tortoise & Hare story @Zoe7

"Slow & steady wins the race".

Or is it "Good looks alone aren't enough"?

Because the Hare is maybe much better-looking, than the Tortoise - but the Tortoise was far more dedicated...


Re: A long rave

LOL @Adge  I guess the good looks are in the eye of the beholder - I kind of like the tortoise in terms of looks too - think they are pretty cute but get what you mean.

Never actually thought about that story from that angle before. It is wonderful though that we can take the same story and look at it from different angles - different views are food for thought.

Re: A long rave

Good morning  to @Zoe7 @Mazarita @Adge @eth @Exoplanet @outlander  and all those who pass hoping everyone is well and has a wonderful Wednesday Smiley Very Happy xxx

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