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Useful resources

Casual Contributor

Useful apple apps

Hi all,

Just wanting to post some useful apps I've been using on my phone/iPad. 

1. worrytime

2. Niggle (kids helpline) 

3. Calm halm

4. worry time

5. DBT skills card

6. DBT daily

7. smiling mind

8. clear fear

9. beyond now

10. #reasons2


they help me. I hope they help you too


Re: Useful apple apps

Hi @GreysFan94 - thanks so much for sharing these! Its really great to hear about helpful apps when it comes to our welbeing and mental health so a big huge thank you 😊


Re: Useful apple apps

Hey @GreysFan94 , thanks for the suggestions.


Are these all free please? I don't have any money on my iTunes/App Store and don't bother with the cards to get money for them anymore.


Also something I have on my iPad that I suggest is:


Happy Colour - a free Colour By Numbers App.

You can get achievements on there and there's so many pictures daily, even bonus ones on Facebook (go to their FB page and click the link then you get them, it's all free). Achievements can be things such as "colour 5 pictures". 

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